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Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing
St. Louis, St. Charles, Missouri & Western Illinois

Help for St. Louis Homeowners with cracked foundations, wet basements, cracked walls or cracked ceilings

If you believe you have structural problems with your home, this website is for you. We are professional structural engineers located in St. Louis and licensed in the States of Missouri and Illinois. We specialize in the identification of specific types of structural problems. We provide independent consultation on how to repair cracked foundations, leaking basements and other structure problems.

The Kinds Of Problems We Investigate

  • Cracking Foundations
  • Leaking Foundations
  • Cracking Floor Slabs
  • Moving Foundations
  • Cracking Interior Walls
  • Cracking Ceiling

And The Types Of Repairs We Advise Or Prepare Details About

  • Piering locations for underpinning foundations somewhere necessary
  • Wall bracing requirements for failing basement walls
  • Wall strengthening details for cracking basement walls
  • Wall support brackets for leaning basement walls
  • Repair details for failing floor joists
  • Procedures for curing leaking basement wall cracks
  • Information how to avoid drying shrinkage settlement of foundation soils

And We Can Also Advise On Procedures And Precautions For

  • Basement Remodeling
  • Basement Finishing
  • Floating the wall construction details for basement remodeling
  • Regrading of Yard for Improved Drainage
  • Construction of the Additions
  • Basement Construction Replacement
  • Removal of Walls for Remodeling
  • Basement Window Installations
  • Raising Homes on New Foundations

Before spending lots of money repairing a cracked foundation or leaking basement, pick up the phone and call us! We can tell you what you need to do to repair your foundation or basement correctly and how to save money.

Consultants on Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repair in St. Louis,
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